Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garden update, July 23, 2014 Our first pumpkin flower!

OMG there are so many tomatoes! They are determined on escaping out the top of the greenhouse.!! There are sooo many flowers getting squished. But a blasted slug has wreaked havoc in there, and ate almost all the basil and part of the bells... But the bells are loaded too. So the hoop house is a complete success! I harvested the celery today, and checked the carrots. They are coming on fast. The rest of the garden is happily progressing right along, too.

But the big news is the pumpkin~ It escaped the box, finally and is working along the ground. And the first flower has bloomed, with at least 6 to shortly follow in the next couple of days. I see at least 16 flowers all over, so I have to decide if I want fewer, larger pumpkins or let them all grow. I know there are two sexes of flowers, so I hesitate on picking them.

snails have been eating my peppers! waaaa

My first pumpkin flower, and at least 5 more!

second bell, loaded with half eaten fruits... *&^%$

strawberries taking over bed, more carrots in tub and the potato.

more carrots, parsley and cilantro. Spinach is starting to flower, wonder if I can get seeds?
my celery, lots of leaves, but that's OK, I eat them too.
more pics of the pumpkin flowers, and all the carrots and onions under it.
hard to see the peas.

They're escaping! and getting squished at the top.
some tomatoes, peeking out.

the pumpkin is escaping, too.

more tomatoes peeking out, and these aren't all of them...

2014/365 day art challenge, practicing! July 22

Today was busy doing a lot of busy work. Even my horoscope has mentioned being anxious to do art, and I don't know whether the sun and moon influences things or not. Horoscopes are just for fun, I don't take them at all seriously, but sometimes they hit a little too close to home!

 I did manage to try my hand at some watercolor clouds. It was fun to see them start to take shape, and with any luck tomorrow I can finish the painting. I have to quit psyching myself out by staring at the darned thing all the time, worrying to do more to it for fear of messing it up. Its only paper! They aren't all going to be masterpieces, and even if this doesn't come out well, it was good practice. The more paintings, the better they will become! Yet, I still hesitate. Which is just plain silly because it feels really good while I'm painting. The process of just to be creating something; good or bad. The itch to create is intensifying, and its because there is no class to get my ya ya's out with.

Wish me luck, and keep you posted!

Clouds. Fun to make, now I just need to finish this!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge,and the sunny, foggy day. July 20th

Haven't given up on the art challenge, not at all. In fact I painted yesterday! Today was destined for lots of photos for reference and talking to some really nice folks in the bargain! I can't believe I walked into a man's back yard that was facing the sea off a cliff, walked right into his back yard! and asked if I could take photos of his boat. The little sailboat was sitting pretty as you please on an outcropping of rocks, and he was enjoying a beer and painting his back door. Very friendly, and he didn't seem too surprised I was there... Perhaps the lovely thing has been photographed before? Anyway, the Barney B is adorable and by golly, I'm gonna paint her! Haven't decided if she will be set afloat or leave her as she sat in the yard, though. A good day to walk, lots of tourists about, but my goal was perspectives of our lighthouse from varying distances. Sadly, Those shots are all only OK. The lighthouse is a good subject, and the day very obliging, but they just didn't come out as inspiring as I had hoped they would. There was a point when I walked behind the beach front hotel and chatted with the tourists on their balconies while shooting. They were all drunk; either from the intoxicating scenery-- or just drunk. Want an interesting image to ponder? Mennonite women with their little white caps hanging their legs all over the balcony railing and drinking, being rather anti-social! Those hotel rooms must go for an arm and TWO legs, so I hope they got their money's worth. An older couple next to the Mennonite snobs did chime happily into a conversation, though; asking what I was photographing, where I lived, etc. I guess now that my hair is greying people see me in a different light than they used to. I find that the older vacation-eers are generally much more agreeable than the younger summer crowds!

Sigh, our bread and butter in this town...

I need to go out and do those weird shots from lots of angles no one uses, and find something Different. Then do it a great injustice by attempting to put it on paper or canvas. Perhaps an abstract, although I've never done one. Only time and my Muse will tell!

Can you imagine this as your back yard!?

Monday, July 14, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, sure IS challenging!

Well, It would seem I am at a loss. It sounded like a good idea, to get out some of the other materials that are all over the house, and start practicing something besides clay. There are paints and pencils of all kinds and lots of papers and canvasses to play with. Not only that, I really WANT to paint, even though it is Definitely NOT my strong suit. Its hard to describe: The urge is like an itch that just won't go away! Started out by doing the watercolor backgrounds in several colors, not painting but allowing the paints to go where they would; to test the paper. Then came samples of watercolor pencils and solid color sticks, to learn about the properties of each item. I've even started a watercolor painting a couple of days ago, although the thing is laughable. Who cares?! This is practice. I hadn't got to landscape painting or drawing at AAU. Nothing wrong with being self taught! I have three good books to guide me, and I did do a bit of watercolors at AAU, so it seems the logical place to start. I may show you the finished painting, but no laughing! More soon.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, last ceramics for a while

Tonight we had a potluck to celebrate the teacher's baby, and the end of the class. Most of our work was finished, which was nice, and the food was good, too. I am going to miss it, but found a place where I can go to get my work fired until class starts again. I will be doing my own art work for a couple of months, daresay I need the practice! Here's some of what was completed:
Eddie and the owl. He's about the size of a grapefruit.

Future Ornaments

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Juanito's Weekly Garden Update

Johnny, the pumpkin is making flowers! I see about half a dozen, and maybe more in the future. I like that it is maintaining a rather compact habit for a pumpkin plant, although the leaves are so big they are definitely blocking out the sun for the carrots and onions beneath it. Oh well!

The last of the spinach was eaten for dinner yesterday, and now I have a row of stems. Since I've never attempted to grow spinach before, research must be done to look up whether these get pulled up, and to start again from scratch or if these will sprout again. It was delicious, and I already miss not having it out there to enjoy whenever I want fresh greens.

 But the big news are the bell peppers and tomatoes. The bells have so many blossoms and burgeoning fruits that I worry if the plants will be able to support them all. They literally went crazy! My celery is mostly leaves, but that is fine, I cook with them. The tomato has reached the limits of the hoop-house, and is starting to push against the top. Since there are so many flowers on these portions, I won't be able to prune them back, so time will tell what happens there. The peas are about six inches tall, and I predict a lovely fall of peas. The strawberries have runners on all sides of the pot, and I am thinking I should take the pot out of the box again, set it on the ground and let the runners take up the space in the bed. They are intensely sweet, little berries. I go out and pop them in my mouth, tops and all whenever I am lucky enough to find them. Another potato plant is growing right in the center of the bed, so I will leave it there. They certainly didn't want to give up on their territory! New soil and compost in the bed made this plant a lot heartier than previous plants, so perhaps the crop will be better, as well.

The leaves are hiding some of the flowers, there are literally a dozen or more fruits, and more flowers coming.

I honestly hope the poor plants can support all these bells!

Tomatoes have reached the top!

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Happy Weekend

Well, I didn't do much creatively for several days now, I've had company! My daughter and her boyfriend were here on the 3rd and 4th, and my son, nephew and their friend have been here since the 3rd as well. Amanda and Ant took me to see the fair, they were in the parade and their group won 2nd place in the walking division, yeah! The boys have been in and out the whole time, they have to go tomorrow. It was nice to see them all. The 4th was nice and quiet, the fireworks were good, and not a lot of commotion since then. I've been cooking and doing laundry nonstop since everyone arrived, though and tonight I am worn out. Bed will be good!!!

The biopsy I did last week was negative, thank goodness. Monday I have to start physical therapy for arthritis, I hope they let me do strengthening in the pool. We have a nice indoor one. It will be a real blessing to get some help.

Well, I am going to keep this short tonight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.