Thursday, August 20, 2015

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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

October 8th, Wow, where did the time go?

I'm very sorry to have left you high and dry for a month, a lot hasn't been going on! 

I tore the ligament in my knee shortly after I made my last post, and that has left me on crutches... Boo hiss, no fun for sure! NO walking, not much getting around at all for the first couple of weeks. The world becomes a very small cell then, and even though I am the only one in this place, it got very clostrophobic, very fast! Tolerance becomes your biggest obstacle, because I couldn't do all the things I normally did, and had to let many things hang in limbo that might otherwise be a daily routine. My daughter has been a blessing, coming for three weeks in a row on her days off, just to help me keep things in order. I've also had the help of some very dear friends, who came by to check up on me and to help tidy up the joint. I thank them sincerely for their kindness and assistance! I also want to send out a special thanks for my dear son John Collard, who has been serving in Afghanistan, but yet has been in constant contact, even offering to hire me a housekeeper for the duration! There's  a truly remarkable young man, and I am very lucky to have him in my life!!! The leg is slowly healing, and I can at least drive myself to where I have to be now, which improved life to no end! If the medical community would just get their part done, I would be very happy indeed.

And then my computer took it's final breaths, and died. That meant I was without a useable machine for several weeks, what a shock that was! I am a complete and total internet addict, just like the rest of the world. Don't know if it is the alpha waves eminating from the monitor or just that need to be "in touch" with the rest of the world; but whatever has kept me coming back, I went a bit nuts without it! I've finally got a replacement, thank goodness! My darling daughter is the one who is responsible for the end of my trials and tribulations! She gave me her old computer, more than enough for what I do here on the Web! My son keeps me company over the phone, calling several times a week. And Nate, I didn't forget you, you are always close to my thoughts.

So for my dear sons, here are some photos taken a couple of weeks ago in the garden. I can't get around very well out there just yet, but the veggies keep coming, and I still have tomatoes even in October! The peas are just about finished, and soon the tomatoes will be done as well, but the herbs, carrots, onions and potatoes are all plugging right along, and as soon as I can I need to go out and plant my garlic bulbs. The strawberries keep making flowers, but no real fruit, that's ok! There are 7 pumpkins on the plant, three are bright orange now, and one is large and starting to turn, but the last three are recent additions within the last two weeks. They may be small, but they seem to double in size every day, and within the middle of the month, I suspect they will catch up and be as large as the rest of them! I will go and see what I can do about getting some recent pics, so you can see things. 
Remember, I LOVE YOU KIDS!


Thursday, September 04, 2014

September 4th Getting Creative with Frugality

You know, my horrorscope told me today to be thrifty, because I have a big bill ahead of me. This hit a bit close to home, because my car insurance is due next week, (definitely a big bill!) So I decided not to tempt fate. And while she ain't pretty, it is definitely frugal and (somewhat) creative. I took pasteboard canned cat food boxes, sliced em up, and added some pieces my daughter started a while back but the cats didn't seem interested in. Two glue sticks and a handful of catnip later, and viola'! They've been back and forth clawing and sniffing their little hearts out for over half an hour! Gonna be some tired sleepy kitties tonight!!! There was a reason I always brought those boxes home~ aside from the fact that they like to sit in them... They're cats! I don't ask.

The wind has been crazy this entire week, and my poor tomato plant has been practically blown apart, poor thing! It is just starting to really put on the ripe fruit, so it has had an extra dose of TLC. I've been able to find at least one or two a day that are red, but never end up making it into the house. Er, hmmm, yeah! Pray it gets through the end of the season after all this windy abuse! The bell peppers are getting heavy, they will be delicious soon. Carrots are now bigger than fingers. Peas are starting to pop and there is one more potato plant that will need to be harvested eventually. The pumpkins seem like they sprang up suddenly,and are now bigger than basketballs! My parsley and cilantro are about done, so that whole end of the box will soon be empty. I think this is where my garlic bulbs will go. The pear is done, and the apple is now dropping at least my largest bread making bowl full a day. There are two boxes of fruit on my kitchen table right now, someone can come get them any time!!!! Please! 

Have a great weekend. Tomorrow we get the galley for the Kerf, which means if all is well, the book will be published by next Friday!!! Yeah!! The end of the year, you gottta love it~~~

A bit of time, a little glue and catnip! Ain't she perty!?

Abbie gives it the Feline Seal of Approval!
The old one is felted, they've used it so much... Look at that pretty orange belly!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gardening into September

Well, things are progressing nicely. The pumpkins are about the size of honeydew melons, the carrots are getting finished and there are tomatoes and peas popping up everywhere. I get lots of strawberries too. Its going to be bulb planting here any minute, garlic and flowers that bloom in February will all have to be put in the ground. A new project! I have to decide what is going in for the fall crop too. The best part of gardening is that there is always something to do.

The Kerf went off to the printers on Friday, so now it is hurry up and wait. It is a really nice issue. The pears are just about finished, just in time for the apples to start falling in earnest. It all works out, and at least the apples keep better than pears do~ if you don't use them within a day or two, they get mushy and not very pleasant to work with. 

More soon, enjoy your week and the good weather while it lasts!

a typical day's harvest

peas are just starting to make pods

   all the pumpkins are about the size of a soccer ball

look at how many tomatoes are in this photo! Three different bunches

They keep growing and growing!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Garden update, August 17, 2014

Does anyone know any recipes for apples and pears? The pears are dropping so fast now! My daughter and her boyfriend came on Saturday and mowed down the jungle under the trees, and now I can see all the stuff I've missed. There is Lots of fruit that is rotting, but I couldn't see it. No wonder there are wasps everywhere. I pick up what I can, but it is far from enough, and more will rot before I can get to it. The dehydrator goes non stop, and I've canned a bunch, and tried my hand at fruit leather. I think it turned out OK, kinda sticky though. I'm exhausted and frustrated. But that is life!

The Kerf should be ready to go to the printers this week, and that at least is good news. It is always exciting to see all the months of work culminate into a book that I can hold. If anyone is interested in a copy, please let me know either here, or on my facebook page.

Johnny, the pumpkin is up to 6, one rotted, but there are still even more flowers coming on. The ones that are developing are now the size of a grapefruit! I will post photos tomorrow. Amanda told me to tell you hello and sends hugs.

So have a good week everyone. I have no idea if anyone even reads my posts, but I keep posting anyway, just in case. I think the Art Challenge has been put on hold for now, I am just not in the mood to create right now. Maybe after the trees get done... Goodnight!