Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The day after the quake!

Tuesday, my family and I lived through a very scary ordeal! We had an earthquake here!!! It measured 7.2 on the Richter scale, and hit less than 100 miles from us ~~ a Major quake. This is the only area in the whole US that has ever lost lives in conjunction with a tsunami after a quake, and everyone here took this one as seriously. The quake hit and shook my apartment ominously. The surreal part was when the warning blasts started sounding, and everything went into slow motion as we grabbed the cats and turtles and just ran... No idea of where to go. Just ran. Then we were in our car with the rest in the middle of traffic, all heading inland to safety. They said later that some 4,000 people evacuated in 20 minutes.
But we were lucky, we got to go home. No tsunami this time.
I think we are still in shock, walking on eggshells because of the idea of aftershocks.
The world feels strange. I think it hit me harder than I am willing to admit. But putting my feelings in print seems to soothe my soul. I can't say anything in front of my kids, because they panic all over again whenever the subject is brought up, especially my son. As it is he has been chattering nonstop about it since it happened.
Funny thing, we had just discussed the idea of a big shaker here in this area in my geology class about a month ago. About how we were overdue for another quake. But it seemed a million years away then...
We'll get through it. We are all sturdy and strong individuals. Time really is a good thing to heal. I need to bury myself in a painting or something, and then it will be ok!
Thanks for listening
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