Thursday, July 21, 2005

Full moon

Tonight there is a full moon. How do I know this? Because I went out to gaze at the stars tonight, and it was gazing back. Serene face of the moon, tilting slightly, and shining in a way that nothing else can compare to, or imitate.
I wonder how many people take the time to go out and look at the stars or the moon any more. It is a hurried world we live in, full of technology and electricity, and danger in the furtive shadows outside. Outside should be a place where there is a sense of quiet wonder, with the entire universe stretched out before us. Time was, not too long ago, when poets and philosophers and lovers took to the night, and dreamt of the worlds beyond our own, and wished upon those stars...
They wrote verses about that moon.

When I was a child, I ran through the fields and played beneath the full moon ~~ played hide and seek behind hay bales and laughed. I gazed at billions of stars. I could see them then. So many stars that their light filled my heart and soul. I miss that.

I live in another small town today, but even here the technology has crept in. I couldn't see many stars because there is a streetlamp on the road beneath my apartment, and it obliterates all but the brightest specks in the heaven. The streetlamp made the night sky a vast sea of blue/green... Empty and void save for that shining moon. She cannot be forsaken.

I have read that once the space station is finished, it will be the brightest thing in the sky next to the moon. I wonder what its light will feel like in my soul, an artificial "star." Can technology ever be as comforting as the real lights in the sky...
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