Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Today I had a wonderful day volunteering at our local food bank. What a gratifying feeling to be helping the less fortunate, and to have the opportunity to work with such energetic people! I work there often. I would recommend doing that for anyone who wants to feel terrific afterward. Volunteer!
When I got home and was reading my emails, I came across this quote on and I found that it actually describes a lot of things besides art. It was taken from the French artists Henri Matisse. Now I have to go look his work up and refresh my memory on his creations. I hope you are all as inspired by this, and not just the artists out there (like myself) who often suffer from a lack of divine vision:

"It would be a mistake to ascribe creative power to an inborn talent; a creative operation requires an effort. Creativity takes courage." -- Henri Matisse.
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