Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm Still in My Jammies...

Well, I just have to take a break from the world...

It's almost 4:00 in the afternoon, I am still in my jammies, grinding at this computer.
~~~ again~~~. I have been at it since 9:30 this morning, and frankly, I am losing my mind!
Been writing a paper for my philosophy class, my explanation of Hinduism. Yeah, right. MY views of Hinduism! I have been trying to condense 26 pages of handwritten notes into 3 or 4 typewritten pages on the subject. I am basically parroting a long-winded professor on a long-winded religion. Good thing I am not a Hindu, ~~~ Karma would have my butt back in my next life as a toad! Or a blade of grass. Something equally fathomless; for all the terrible thoughts I have been having about the whole thing.

But then, whoever God is, is gonna get me for a lotta things in my life!

Take Spongebob Squarepants fruit snacks.

Whoever the idiot was who invented that whole transvestite, whiney, repulsive (do you detect a theme yet?) idea of this cartoon should come back as a greasy spot on the sidewalk that dogs lap at and an occasional cat pees on. But during my torture at the computer console, I have been going through little bags of fruit snacks, taking an almost perverse pleasure in biting their little heads off... They're not tasty. Lord knows why I have eaten 3 of them so far. But weird times call for weird measures. and as stated before, I fear I will be lose my mind long before this paper is completed. I got the box from the food bank I volunteer at 2 days a week.My kids won't eat them. I should be putting them to a good use, like throwing at the noisy neighbors in the apartment downstairs from my balcony!

But I digress.

Classes are almost half over, and this is just the first of many papers I will have to write. We're heading for Buddhism next. Wonder what earthly delights I will be able to find to occupy my time for that paper!?....
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