Saturday, July 22, 2006

Where did the summer go?

Hello all,
I hope that your summer is treating you well, and not frying you! I have been hearing all the horror stories from the rest of California of 107-110 degrees and I am SSSSOOO happy that I live up here where it is rarely above 70 degrees...

I am feeling old and whiney. Amanda got her first paying job for the summer and started work today, working at the same place with my sister. It is just another thing that draws my darling daughter closer to adulthood and out of the house... Mothers, you can understand all this trepidation with losing your first-born to adulthood!!! I really just wanted them both to stay kids for a little while longer, but alas, it isn't meant to be

I have been immersed in American History for summer semester. Next week is the last week. I am glad I decided to take the class, since my daughter is also taking courses so she can take advanced courses in the fall. It has been a little bit of extra time for us, since our schools are across the parking lot from each other, and so we get to spend the breaks together.

Did you all see Pirates of the Caribbean yet?! I took 5 teenagers to see the briney hunks and we had a terrrific evening. I highly recommend the movie!

Take care and stay cool!
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