Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I am Freezing!!!

Well, the cold weather is definitely upon us again. I took a walk, and when I got home my fingers were absolutely blue! It has been such a short summer; with Amanda and I taking classes, and then she got a job for about a month. The fall semester begins for me next week, so it is back to the grind again... Yech!
But the time wasn't completely wasted. In a fit of divine inspiration, I made these faces out of polymer clay. Dunno exactly where they will go next, but that is the next session. They are really rough, but I actually like them a lot. I had never tried something like this before ~~~ they were a hoot to do. Amanda helped me with the one with the closed eyes. Too bad I am not a photographer, I sure didn't do them justice...
Here's a toast to everyone, that your vacation was a great one!
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