Monday, February 26, 2007

It changes with the blink of an eye...

It seems like the bottom fell out of my happiness in just a matter of days.

My special friend Max died. Now, to those of you who don't have pets, this won't mean much. But Max was with me for almost 13 years, from the instant he took his first breath, until I sat beside him during the final moment when his gentle heart stopped. He lived with me through a lot of good times and a few really bad ones, and unlike some people in my life, he never changed his tune, never lied, never stopped being there when I needed him the most. The cancer showed no signs at all, I took him in for a regular checkup and the vet hit me with the bomb that he only had a couple of weeks to live. I was totally unprepared for how fast he went from a happy, fat, "waddle man", to dying.

There is a very conspicuous hole in my world without that orange fuzz ball of a cat...

In a moment of poignant irony, my lemon suddenly dropped all its leaves, the last one almost at the same time that Max died. I am pretty sure that they are evergreen, and I am not sure why the tree started faltering. It was as if giving up its lemons took away all the reasons the tree had to live for.

Lemon trees are supposed to be good luck, so I wonder where all mine went. It all happened so fast !! It has left me in a fog.

I will be mourning for quite a while.

I pray that you and your world are in a much happier frame of mind.
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