Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Did you stay up to see the eclipse the other night? Yeah, I realise that it was late and on a work night, but my daughter and I did. It was amazing! The night sky clear, and the moon was so bright it didn't look real ~~ a real gem in the sapphire velvet sky! The full eclipse was a dark and ominous red, glowing and surreal. We fell asleep at about 4:00am, as the first slivers of the light began to reappear. But it was a successful viewing all in all. And more importantly, I got to be there for my daughter's first eclipse. I will not have many more chances to be there for her firsts, and I am feeling a little sad because of it. But she is growing up, and that is to be expected...
Hey, we did learn a lot while we were up late, though. They play some really informative stuff late night, and we learned about natural ways to kill fleas (vacuum the carpet every day, and use salt on the carpets during the intervals), and that pasta water is a good plant food. Hey, it was worth it to only get 5 hours of sleep that night, but I am paying for it now!
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