Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friends of Our Troops

For those of you who like to do a little heartwarming, and are willing to do it quickly, I absolutely recommend FRIENDS OF OUR TROOPS. They mail out cards and things to our troops overseas, and yes, you can send them specifically to your loved ones out there in the big bad world. Their whole unit if you so choose to. My nephew who is in the mariens, says this is a big thing to them.

HOWEVER, if you want to mail them cards this year, you have to skeedaddle NOW! I totally forgot that they have a deadline for November. But PLEASE, consider the effort will be well worth it!! I have been involved with this company for many years, and they are completely great!! There is a great satisfaction when you get a letter back from one of the servicemen telling you how much it meant to be remembered during the lonely holidays!
Hit the link on the name above and find out how you can be a part of all this, too. You won't regret it. Thanks in advance.
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