Sunday, June 17, 2012

First of all~~

Happy Father's Day!

                          to all you dads out there in the world. I hope everyone has a chance to spend the day with that special man in your life. Or at least someone special to you...

I had considered retiring this blog recently. No one ever posts, so I assumed that no one ever read it, either. I have made some very nice friends here, but I understand that the world gets busy. I certainly have been busy! But as it turns out, upon reading my stats, that this blog averages 20 (oops, I was wrong about that, it's only 3, but that still amazed me) readings a day, go figure! Considering how infrequently I post, that was utterly shocking. The only reason anyone would even know it exists is the fact that it is linked to my Facebook account (which I DO post to regularly because my family and I keep in touch that way.) So for those of you who haven't given up on this blog, THANK YOU! I think those numbers might increase if I posted more, whooo hooo!

Currently I am working on creating art to sell, and pieces for a portfolio. Classes let out in May, so I have had some much needed time to recoup and relax without homework looming large over everything else. But the itch to create never leaves entirely. My next step is to link my Etsy account to this blog, too, so the world can see what I have for sale. There isn't much yet, but that will change soon. No sense letting all this technology go to waste, eh? I would welcome some suggestions for creating a user-friendly page if anyone would care to share!!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend
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