Monday, February 03, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, day 33

Today was a good day. Yesterday I sold a bowl on my ETSY page, and spent part of the day making a Thank-You gift for the buyer. Then the rest of the day I worked in my garden and started an ornament for a quarterly exchange I participate in. Unfortunately I can't show you photos of either one, because there is a small chance that these very nice ladies might actually read this post, and they would know the items were for them, and it would spoil the surprise. But how cool is that, really?! There are folks out there in the world who read my posts. Its exciting! Anyway, when they are done, and in the mail for a couple of days, I will post photos, so everyone can see who might be interested. I like making a new item each day, it keeps me busy, but I am thinking I need to do something a bit bigger for the next project and just post my progress daily. I have some thoughts floating around, so keep on coming back for those updates! Goodnight!
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