Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, day 49

Working on more of the shading today, and I will be at this level for a while, since there are so many mid tones to work on; as well as making some decisions on how much detail I want to devote to his clothing, because now would be the time to start defining them. I've spotted some subtle errors in placement of his mouth while I was getting this photo ready, and those will have to be addressed tomorrow, because those errors that have been throwing me off all this time.
I think he is looking more and more like our dear Mr. Bloom (someone guessed!) I'm so happy that my portrait is looking at least enough like him for people to recognize him. That was a real problem for me! I think if more time is spent on those subtle proportions in the beginning, the drawings will be better in the end. I always felt rushed in class, and it definitely hurt my results. Let's face it, some of us are not art machines! I really like to take my time and enjoy the process as much as the finished piece. Once his mouth is addressed, things will fall into place, and I can go back to shading. 
I am so happy my health is letting me work. Art is a good distraction for negative energy, and a manageable goal; and it keeps things focused. Getting ready for the housing inspection, painting dressers, and now mending another hole in the wall are all the jobs that art is the reward for.

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