Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday, it's a good thing~
There has to be more to life than homework, but for the moment, that is what I do more than anything else. I am writing an English paper on the space program, and whether I am for it or against it. There sure are a lot of opinions out there! I would have to say though, that despite the cost, I am for it, for a number of reasons:
We are a species that by its nature needs to expand and explore. It is part of our nature to survive. We are also a species that consumes--air, water, food, minerals, organics for housing and heat--and we are depleting the available resources as we speak(in addition to creating a lot of waste.) I am a supporter of the quest to save the planet, so I would rather think of solutions to the problem, but I am also a realist. If we don't think of something soon, we will run out of resources before long (sooner than I think any of us want to admit.) So I think we have to go and find more options if we are to survive. Space is the next logical step forward.
There have always been dangers associated with exploring the unknown, that is another reality. So lives will be lost. It is inevitable. Not pleasant, but inevitable.
I also think that we have a lot of things now that are the result of the space program and its associated sciences. Things we take for granted. Too many to list here.
There is more, but I have to finish my paper, so it is time to sign off for now. More soon.
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