Thursday, April 14, 2005

Whoooo Hooo!
Doin' my happy dance!! I got 2 scholarships from my college, and I am one happy camper. Not too bad for an "old fossil" as my kids call me. Guess I am showing them! I am ecstatic, but it has not come easily. Never let anyone tell you that college is easy, especially when you are a single mom just trying to get by. Geology is a killer, and English keeps me busy. Too bad that they are not the only classes on my schedule. I am also taking an art class, and editing a book that my college publishes called the KERF. Such fun! And all with a 3.83 GPA.

But that is not a bad thing, to work hard, and do well at something. Gotta go get some RayBan's so I can look cool now. Ray Ban's ARE still the epitome of cool, right?

Anyway, I just had to say hello to the world and let them know that I am still here. Bye.

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