Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday, and the week goes on...

Anyone need a book?

Well, here I sit in the midst of my latest challenge to my (what must be!) failing intellect. I am up to my armpits, in the middle of a roomful of books and magazines that were given to me "to add to my collection for sale." Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Sort 'em, clean 'em, sell 'em! But there is a lot more to it than that. I have been doing research for a week, making sure I am selling them for a fair price. That has never been my strong point, pricing things. Thank goodness there are several reputable places to go to look up what the going rates are. My house now smells like well-worn volumes, comforting and organic.

There are a lot of antique titles in this bunch, and the bibliophile in me wants to keep them and read them all, but then I look at my own massive collection of tomes that are lining the walls of half my house on mismatched bookshelves, lining the tops of dressers, and the shelves in everyone's closets. They are sitting carefully stored in see-through boxes at the foot of beds, too. My children and I are avid readers ~~ books are our best buddies!

I have been creatively acquiring used books to sell for about a year now, but never in this quantity at one time. It feels like someone dumped a library in my living room.

Hey, I guess I should get back to all this if I ever want a place to sit down...

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