Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday !

Well, I guess summer really is almost over. I got my info today for buying my school books on Monday. Classes start in a little over a week. Although I am looking forward to starting the grind again, part of me wishes summer would last a little longer. The kids don't go back until September 6th. Although frankly, I wish Theirs would come a little sooner... they seem to do nothing but fight amongst themselves lately.

My living room is almost mine again. I only have to post the magazines now. My friend was very generous for giving me so many titles to add to my sales list. I will never get rich on any of it, but it helps keep me busy.

Everyone please check out my links for Mariposa Bath and Body. This is a nice site that sells handmade soaps and bath products. I like little family run businesses like this one. I hope you have a look!

Have a pleasant evening, and more soon.
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