Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday, and we made it through to the end of the week

Seems I can't get going on this blog to save my life.

And it hasn't been that I wasn't trying.

I have tried to post here no less than five times, but every time I started one, something else happened that set my outrage flaring, and I just had to erase it. The incidents in the South have been one big nightmare after another, and another, and another... I have political science this semester at college, and my professor is a retired judge, so he really understands his subject. He gets going, and points out all the stupid things that have been going on, and that in itself sets us all on fire. I have been biting my lip to maintain myself even now. But my ranting won't change the situation, and it surely won't help my blood pressure, so I will behave. But it feels so weird to make light and funny. Our lives all go on, and I made my contributions, but it seems like so little. I find myself feeling lost, and not sure if it is even okay to be happy. It will change in time, but for now the world is a raw spot for most of us.
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