Sunday, August 28, 2005

Another Sunday, and spirals

Good morning,
It is early and I have been fussing over a painting that I am trying to create. Although the end result is clearly in my mind, somehow that image cannot connect to the canvas. Part of the subject is a spiral shell, and it has been what has eluded me. In doing research for this painting, I learned that the spiral shell is mathematically perfect, I don't remember what formula exactly correlates to the shell, but the inside swirls are mathematically perfect in the way that they get smaller. It is simple and elegant. Something I definitely am not... I found this one on line, isn't it gorgeous?

A spiral shell is the symbol of healing in psychology, that's another interesting tidbit of useless knowledge encountered. Don't you feel educated?!

This is an important project to get finished, so I will get back to it. After coffee.

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