Friday, November 04, 2005

Doin' my happy dance

There is a point in your life when things go right for a little while, and (not to cheese off karma or anything) I am enjoying it while I can.
The money gods have been giving me a little extra lately, and I just found out I won another big scholarship this week. So I had to run out and get more letters of recommendation, so I could fill out some more applications... Its a vicious circle, but what ya gonna do? That is why I decided to go to college, to earn more money! Financial aide, higher wages, free lunches, half-off coupons, ~~~ its all good!!!
Actually, I do work hard to get the grades, and despite math, I am still in love with learning.

Ok, ok, yeah that means I need to get out a whole lot more than I do, but in keeping with the %$#*&^% "glass is half-full" thing, I try to make the best of the situation.

My turtle eggs seem to have slowed down in the development department. Could be that they were duds and I just wanted them to hatch so much that I was seeing what wasn't there... I'll keep you posted.
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