Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday Morning $%^&#@$#$...

Man, if there is truly a Murphy, then this person and his laws must be shot! Especially when he screws up Mondays so completely...

The day started off poorly. Jes like a Monday does not need to be.

I have been nurturing my turtle eggs now for 72 days, actually 2 days longer than the book suggests that a turtle egg should be incubated. But I just couldn't get myself to throw away something that one of the girls had obviously worked so hard on (I know if I had passed something That Big, I would want the whole world to be impressed!) Anyway, this morning, as I checked the little pink darlings, I noticed that they were cracked, and got all excited that the day had finally arrived to be a grandma. NOT SO! They had instead become rather ripe after 72 days of warmth and dampness and proceeded to make a stink the likes of which I will not offend my readers by relating. Dashed were all my dreams of the patter of little turtle feet around the house. (collective sympathies may now be expressed...)

So, the mess contained, I proceeded to get ready for the first of TWO (count 'em TWO!) parts of my math final. I have an accommodation to take extra time on a test, so arrived at the appropriate time on campus, only to find that the snot-nosed, puppy professor had not accommodated me with a test to take. My whole galactic career rests on this test, and he does not bother to have it ready for me?! Scandalous! Unforgivable!! Vile, and well, just plain mean!!! ( why the heck I chose to call it my Galactic career remains a mystery... Perhaps I just need more coffee. Or more sleep)

So, here I sit, no test, no teacher, no coffee... I told myself that I would not study any more this morning because my head tends to swim with the stuff if I get into it too much. If the S.N.P.P. ever gets here, I will take his stupid final (part one) and do the best I can. In the mean time, I have made my whining available to the world to scoff at.

So good *&^%$# morning to you!
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