Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holy Cow, you are actually reading my blog! And I missed it!!

Well, that is what I get for not posting on my window to the world...

You guys have actually been reading my blog!

I am gushing as we speak, thank you all. And what a varied audience. I am truly touched. And FYI, the guy who posted a comment about penis enlargement is touched, too. IN THE HEAD! Please, I don't wanna hear it, ok? (Oh, that was just an email he sent me, but I still don't wanna hear it!)

Thanks to the rest of you, though. And what is the dreaded sevensevens thingy?

My birthday was uneventful. My mom and sister forgot it, but that is nothing new. They were moving, so at least they had an excuse. My kids didn't forget, though, and made me great cards. I now have a half- nekked Johnny Depp gracing my wall, from my daughter (of course, she's almost 16, what did I expect?) Bless her little heart! Amanda also bought me a bread kit that is baked in a clay pot. YUMMY! We went shopping on my big day and had dinner at Taco Bell. So it was a good day all in all. But I sure do feel old...

Other than that I have been studying my arse off, getting ready for finals next week. I am doing fine with strong "A"s in all my classes but math. I have managed to run the absolute razor's edge for a "C" in that class. So my final will decide it I end up taking the class over again next semester. I am soooo close to graduating with my first degree and this snot-nosed, puppy teacher is keeping me from my goals. At the very least he is destroying my GPA. Oh well, I am an artist, not a mathematician! Einstein failed math, too! Anyway, you all need to keep your fingers crossed that I make my "C" and do well at the final, PLEASE!!!

Now I have to go and get caught up on reading other people's blogs, and finding out what the dreaded sevenseven is. Have a great day and keep on writing. I will keep up with the blog better, promise!
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