Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Happy UnThanksgiving.

Hello Everyone!
I hope that you have been enjoying your long weekend so far. I have been studying for days, since as soon as I get back to class next week, I will be hit with 2 big tests. Have they no shame?! To make poor mommies cook like crazy AND study! There ought to be a law against such cruel and unusual punishment... I really need a break, but then, I really need to keep studying, because none of it has seemed to stick yet!!!

Today has started out trying to be sunny. It is the perfect day to go out and play. I would love to be out in the woods about now hunting mushrooms. This is perfect mushie weather. It has been raining for several days, so the forest floor is wet. Jes the thang for finding those lovely little munchies. I can imagine the golden chanterelles and the pretty white oysters as we speak!

So how come we aren't out there?

Well, because my lovely daughter is still asleep. At noon. And my son is marinating in the tub, playing with his toys and inventing all sorts of tales about anything and everything... It seems that my idea of a good time isn't theirs. Oh well. I guess it is Karma, scolding me for not paying better attention to Political Science. That is actually where my mind should be right now, not on mushies.
So enjoy your holiday and by al means, find something to do that you love, and don't worry about all of life's little cares. That is what the holidays are for! I will find you the recipe for wild mushroom risotto that is in my book, and hopefully, before the weekend is over, I will get a chance to use it myself. Love to all! And wish me luck on my tests. I'm gonna need it!
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