Friday, November 18, 2005

On Harry Potter and spending quality time with your kids...

I know, I know, there are only 2 of you out there who actually read my blog, and one of you makes fun when I mention Harry Potter, but tonight I had a blast with my daughter watching the new movie. For those of you who might actually be fans of the series, this was the best movie yet!!!
I admit it, I had kids in the first place just so I could get away with watching Bugs Bunny. Once I started reading to them at bedtime it became another excuse to be a large child myself, and enjoy the plots along with my sleepyheads. Reading the H.P series holds especially dear memories for all of us, spending long hours together at our nightly ritual. It has given us a common ground, and because of it they have developed a love of books that they might not otherwise have. That is ultimately the most rewarding aspect of all.
When the movies started coming out, it was an excellent opportunity to take them and spend more of that precious quality time. I only went to look at the special effects, don't you know (wink, wink) After all, that is one of the things I would like to do with my college degree, designing computer animation. If I managed to have a great experience at the same time, then so much the better. This movie is loaded with some really exciting movie magic!

And so you can make fun of me for going to see a "kiddie" movie tonight with my offspring. Trust me, I wasn't the only adult there! My daughter and I had a wonderful time together, and I can tell you right now that I would do it again. And again!
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