Friday, January 13, 2006

26 Days and Still Counting

Hey, who left the faucet running?!

Yeah, we are still wading through the wet stuff, although it hasn't been enough rain recently to cause too much concern with flooding (knock on wood!) After 26 straight days, though, it has become rather tiresome. The weatherman is predicting at least 10 more days of bleak and dreary yet to come... Yeccchhhh!!! Better than the snow back East, though. My friend sent these pics of Michigan.

Some vacation, eh? I have been knitting for most of it, between Christmas presents and everyone's annual list of wants. I have made 5 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of arm warmers, 4 hotpads, and a baby hat so far this break. Socks are the best... funky or frilly, the more colorful, the better! Warmth and comfort, for the Hedonist in everyone.

This week wasn't totally without merit, though, in spite of the weather. It had its exciting moments, too. Found out I won my local Soroptimist's Scholarship! Had to do the happy dance on Tuesday, for sure. Didn't think I would get that one, 'cause I literally ended up turning in the application with 5 minutes to spare ON the due date. Cutting it that close last month, gave a thrill of terror that I don't ever want to repeat. It was all because I had to wait on a letter of recommendation that day. Really, I owe my professor a swift kick in the patoot for all the nuisance he created...

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