Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Fascinating 4's

I was recently tagged by Celtic Lady, and so I will comply and answer. I was also tagged not too long ago by The Village Idiot, but he just doesn't post for me anymore, so I won't answer his... I don't need to tag anyone else, since I don't really know 4 other people online to tag!

So there :)

4 things that I need to do each morning:
* Get the cat off my head.
* Coffeeeeeeee
* Herd children
* Play trivia on the radio for my monthly supply of coupons (for things like coffee!)

4 things that turn me off:
* Rejection (sniff)
* Suffocation (see above)
* Puberty (my teenagers are making my life jes' plain crazy!)
* Thoughtless people

4 things I believe in:
* The world can't really be as stupid as I see everywhere... (if I keep saying it, maybe it'll be true.)
* Dreams can come true if you work for them hard enough.
* Weekends are for recouping. (again, if I keep saying it, it'll be true! Too bad it isn't true yet.)
* The environment is worth saving!!!!

4 things I am afraid of:
* My kids will not end up happy in the world.
* I will become a senile, loopy old fart.
* Losing my financial aide!
* Not getting grades good grades (and losing my financial aide.)

4 things I do every day:
* Read
* Smile at someone.
* Pray that I can keep my composure, and my tongue.
* Pray that people will forgive me if I don't keep my composure or my tongue.

4 things I want to do before I die:
* Go to see New Zealand.
* Knit something that is used until it wears out.
* Write a Pulitzer-prize winning novel.
* Make a real difference in someone's life.

4 numbers that rule my life.
* 16 weeks in the semester.
* 2 kids
* 12 months a year to pay bills.
* 1 winner per household, per month (to win trivia!)

4 favorite colors:
* Emerald Green
* Lavender
* Turquoise blue
* Pthalo Green

4 favorite songs:
* Words by Barry Gibb
* Songbird by Yanni
* New York Minute by the Eagles
* theme song to Firefly (it means something special to Amanda and I.)

4 favorite hobbies:
* Knitting
* Drawing
* Reading
* Watching movies

4 places I want to visit:
* Wetta workshop in New Zealand
* Ireland's Moors
* Nottingham, England
* The Grand Canyon

4 ways I am unstereotypically female:
* I am NOT a dumb blonde!
* I do not need a man to take care of me.
* I can fix my own faucet.
* I can think for myself.

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