Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday, and back to work as usual!

Well, I have had my fifteen minutes of fame, and now it is back to the grind... i have been working my posterior off ever since my big night. What happened to my summer vacation?

It was a great night, and there are 40 new college graduates in the world. Although there were only 24 of us at the ceremony... my family showed up and took pictures (Some of them are even in focus, sort of. None of them could ever make a living at being photographers! Oh well.) I felt like a giant among the hobbits! In heels, I stand at what seems like an enormous 6'2" tall... I ended up being seated dead center in the front row. I think they planned it that way. But I got my sheepskin, an orange rose, and a piece of cake for my trouble.

The party afterward is sort of a blurrrrrrrr....
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