Monday, May 29, 2006


My friend Celtic Lady challenged me to find 10 things that describe my life, all that begin with "G." Here it is:

Glee: I have been happy as can be for the last couple of weeks, because a lot of great things are going on around here.

Graduation: I finally realized my lifelong dream of graduating from college on May 19th. Most of you know that already, though!

Gigantic: bunches of rhododenron blooms everywhere. Reds, pinks, white, purples, even orange and gold ones. Gorgeous!

Garlic: I love everything garlic! No vampires in this family! Or unhealty hearts.

Ganache: this yummy chocolate glaze isn't really important in my life, but chocolate is! Unfortunately, chocolate doens't begin with a "G." To love me is to give me chocolate...

Green: my favorite color. Guess that comes from being part Irish, part environmentalist... That is why I think Global Warming is an issue we can't ignore any more.

Genuine: I love genuine people, and especially those I call my friends. Like the Celtic Lady, and her wonderful mini- Goddess!

Giggles: but then, who doesn't love this sweet little sound...

Gallons of iced tea to go with Great summer Grilling...

Gratitude: for all the gallant men and women fighting for our freedom all over this planet...

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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