Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What are those scratches on the dash?....

I knew it would come eventually. It was looming just over the horizon...

Until Yesterday.

My daughter discovered that she can make the car go if she gets behind the wheel and works things. And she likes the thrill of terror she gets while she is doing it! So now I have to let her learn to drive and get a license. Lord help me!

She has driven a couple of times in parking lots, terrified, but yesterday she started to get into it. All of her friends have been encouraging her to get out there and give it a go. They even made her a little map of places to go and practice on the road. Thank goodness it isn't like it was when I was learning to drive! I still to this day remember going out with my friends, all of us with no experience, driving all over the place, and not letting my parents in on what I was doing. Later it was spinning brodies in the parking lots after hours... And cruising. Fun for us then, but I am not sure my heart could take letting these kids loose with the car now. Yeah, yeah, hypocrite I know ~~~ sue me! She can go and do all those things I won't know about later. Like when I am dead, and too old to care.

And my son is graduating from 8th grade next week, so it will be his turn in about 5 minutes. He just got back from a week long field trip to Portland, and I missed him. I am soooo old!!!

What happened? These two were playing in the wadie pool yesterday. We were walking to kindergarten and playing dress up. Parading around town square in Halloween costumes. Hunting for crawdaddies in the pond.

I need coffee
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