Sunday, October 15, 2006

99 and Going Strong?

Well, this is my 99th posting.

So, looking back in my family since the time I began this blog, not a whole lot of important things go on in this town. Or in this family. But I think that is more than OK!

We did have an earthquake last year that proved to everyone (in the immediate city, anyway), that you Can move a lotta people really fast if you have to, and not get into too much trouble. Tsunami's and Fear of death will do that to people... We are more than lucky that ours was a false alarm!!!

I got my dream of a college degree this past May, and now am working on a Bachelor's degree. I wondered many times if I was ever gonna get there. My son graduated from 8th grade, too. That came way too fast!!! And my daughter and I made national honor rolls. Lots of things to be proud of...

I found a long lost friend from High School and caught up with her world. She has kids and grandkids and Property in Sedona Arizona to sell. Remember ? You should go and take a look at some really wonderful property, if you haven't already done so!!! And if you have seen it, go and look again, just for fun.

And everyone needs to say a prayer for my nephew, Jeffrey Foy. He emailed recently that he is heading for Sri Lanka next week, on his way to the big sand box, but it depends on the political scene in the next few months how soon that will be. We need to say a prayer for all of our men and women overseas, no matter where they are!

And lastly, for now, we have had a chance to see a lot of good movies and read a lot of good books. These are the things that make all the hustle and bustle sweet. I hope that you have all had lots of wonderful things going on in your lives that make you busy and happy.

Otherwise, I am going to be very sad that no one is commenting on this thing! After all, I have been giving you pretty pictures and everything! Someone pleeeeze, post and talk to me!!!

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