Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Start to the New Year

Can you believe it is January 10th already?! I thought I needed a change from the ususal humdrum of the latest bout of writing scholarship applications, and to get rid of some junk. But even this wave of enthusiasm has been short lived. I gave myself the goal of cleaning off the kitchen table and the top of my dresser. Seemed simple enough, but let's face it, those are the ones that never are simple!!! So now I am up to my armpits in stuff that has to be either replaced or removed ~ good luck with that!

It is amazing to me how much garbage we haul around attached to our lives. I am a packrat by nature, and this tends to double the amount of garbage in store. I have been going through boxes of stationery and cards - nothing else in the box, and there are enough of them to fill a large produce carton. More than I could ever use in a lifetime, but I just can't help myself. I love the whole idea of putting word to paper, of sharing my life with someone while taking the time to acknowledge them as well. Something that could possibly be here years from now, to look back on and be nostalgic. But I have no real idea of why I keep them all, these blank pieces of pretty paper. I can recall when I got a lot of them, and it has made me slightly nostalgic, too, and a little sad. I made food to comfort the empty space in my belly, but the salad dressing I made is unredeemable, and will have to go. I will have to suffice with yogurt and toast. I even put on my favorite chick flick, but this too is proving to be less than cheering. I really will have to get back at it soon though, or there will be no place for the kids to sit when they get home from school. And the cats are doing their best to set their claws into my arm in an attempt to get at the butter on my lunch. So that settles it, I will cut this short.

Maybe I am just looking for a place to find myself in the world, here in these boxes. As if finding a meaning behind all the stuff will locate the mystery of where I belong as well.

I really hope you are secure with your position in the cosmos at the moment, and that you send me good energy so that I can finish this task before next Spring! Bye.
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