Sunday, April 22, 2007

There's a New Guy in town

Well, I have been trying to do a new project for my ceramics professor. He is rather unusual, but I like to make things that are not the "norm."
He is my first bust, but he didn't start out that way. He was originally another face like the first one, but on the urging of the prof. I made him into a full fledged head. He has been through a bunch of incarnations to get to this point, and several attempts at hair that just didn't work, (although he does have a little pony tail in the back...)
He will go into the kiln on Tuesday. I have to figure out how to finish him off once that happens. He will be a bit tougher than the face mask to glaze I fear. Maybe just white, eh?
The last project for the semester will now be a full body figure. Man, what have I gotten myself into?! This is a far cry from the beginning of the semester when I was making tiny boxes, but it feels like I have learned volumes! So I have to go and stitch up some supports for that next job.
It keeps me out of trouble and reduces the stress that I have in my life!
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