Friday, May 04, 2007

He's Finally Finished!

So, What do you think?

Thanks for being patient, but I had to display my finished project at the campus for a while as part of my grade. I am rather proud of the way that he finally turned out, despite the fact that the grapes are rather pale, because the glaze ran. It is really a foil to the sheen of the iron oxide on the face with the creamy shine of the glazed leaves and grapes. But because of the fact that I did the whole thing to look antiqued, it works!~ The photo that I took this time is at slighly a different angle and so the face doesn't have quite the same wistful look, but he is really nice as a finished piece.

I look forward to some honest critique if you would, please! Since I am a new artist, that will be the way I learn. Thanks!

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