Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Night

There are certain times in life that remind you of what is important. They are usually unexpected, simple things, and they can live within your heart forever. For some wonderful reason, tonight's one of them.

My daughter has been taking over her position in the big, adult world lately. She has a boyfriend now, spends endless hours with her friends and on the phone, and she has been deeply engrossed in classes and scholarship applications. As a Senior, these things are to be expected, but nothing to be looked forward to by her old mother. I haven't actually been a part of her attention for months. And my son is never at home. In fact, I have spent most of my time alone since the beginning of the school year.

But we've spent the entire evening Jammie lounging about the house, watching old romantic chick flicks, eating peach cobbler that was sublimely enrobed in billows of whipped cream... I have missed this so much!!! One could argue that my woes are simply Empty Nest Syndrome, but who knows for sure, and why tempt fate? It was wonderful, plain and simple.

Remember to appreciate the ones you love. Give them a little extra bit of your heart, a big hug, a tender cuddle. There is no greater treasure in this world than the ones you love! We get so involved in the everyday rush and struggle for another dollar, and it is easy to forget the things that are actually important. And we all could use a little extra bit of attention, anyway.

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