Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Special Days

Do you remeber those special days that just stand out long after they have passed? Well, that day will be yesterday for me. It was one of the nicest birthdays I have ever had! I just seemed to get the best vibes from everyone I met for the whole day. The DJs on the radio even gave me special birthday wishes, both yesterday and today. And I got some lovely gifts, too. My kids gave me a favorite book, a kitchen timer and a box of chocolate (yum!) I got chocolate from my daughter's boyfriend, too. There was a carnation from the florist, yarn, a candle, and a special taco dinner with brownies. How good is that!!! It made me feel so special. ~~~ Thank you everyone. I will remember it for a very long time.

There are a couple of people out there who also had birthdays recently, and I really do hope that yours were as joyous as mine was. Happy Unbirthday to you!!!
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