Monday, May 12, 2008

The End of My First Online Semester

The end of the semester is upon me at last. I have mailed in all my final projects. I've done all the discussions I will be doing tonight at least. And the "kids" were trying their best to help during the whole process. Cookie was trying to show by example what a well earned rest looked like...

While Chicken Little refused to let me set up any more still lifes, and stood vigilantly at the ready to be cute whenever necessary!

Shinobi said to heck with it and tried to pose creatively for one last canvas, but she just couldn't sit still that long. She's only a baby after all!

My two-legged children have been nowhere to be seen in ages now. I don't think they love me very much any more... Or maybe its because they have real lives out there in the real world? I may never know!!!

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