Saturday, February 21, 2009

Someone to Watch Over You...

I have always been fascinated by angels, and this one is especially beautiful. My friend travels around, hunting for these lovelies in snug, out of the way places. I have no idea where this one resides, but thought she might well be a project for class, or just a challenge to try ~ with all the drapery and the detail on the wings. Aren't you just dying of curiosity about what the right hand was doing before it was damaged? Hopefully she looks as beautiful to you ~ someone to watch over you and yours. My family has been looking for such a luxury lately, because my dearest underwent a triple bypass two weeks ago, and is rather beat up right now.

I haven't decided whether to add an adult warning to this blog or not; so that it show what I am creating this semester. I have two classes dedicated to nudes, one drawing, the other sculpting. The models are in artistic poses, not at all lewd; but there is no accounting for people's view of what is pron and what isn't. Since starting the class, my experience level has taken off, and hopefully by the end of all this it will actually be decent. IN the meantime, you will just have to take my word for it. You could give me your honest opinion of posting the work. Stop by and chat for a bit!
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