Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The joys of summer

        Is there anything more pleasing than a morning spent drying herbs? My kitchen smells amazing! The sprigs of Cilantro and Parsley are in the dehydrator, and that is always a good thing! But what I am really happy about are the mints. I have two beautiful windowsill pots of banana mint and peppermint. They got a judicious pruning since they were beginning to overgrow their confinements. Just a hint of useless trivia for those so inclined: Mint has square stems! Anyway, none of these parings will go to waste, trust me! There is banana mint chastely muddling with sugar in my tea jug, awaiting the kettle. I can't wait for a glass of iced tea. The peppermint will be tossed with a salad for lunch, yum! Makes me wish I had a few lavender blossoms to throw in the mix. Oh well.

         I hope the rest of you have an equally enjoyable day!
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