Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Day 11, the finished shell

I was afraid that the paper would not withstand the repeated wear from the colored pencils, and alas, it didn't. So I cut my details a bit short, practiced mostly on plane changes and finished it early. I like the way it came out, anyway. It reminds me of an illustration you might see in a children's book.

Of course, I might have been done sooner, if it weren't for my "artist Mews" Abby. Dear girl, she likes to watch videos on the computer, especially birds and squirrels, and will take every opportunity to sit in front of my monitor and block my view, with the hopes (I honestly do think!) of having one put on for her to watch. She also likes to supervise when I work ~ also known as sitting on the paper! But it is all in good fun. She has as much of a sense of humor as any cat that has ever shared a home with me. You can't get mad at them, well, at least I can't...


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