Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Day13 A New Project

I know I missed yesterday, but I haven't been doing nothing! I spent most of the day yesterday working on the finer details of this blog, and I did some really interesting reading on another blog called Ultimate Paper Mache (www.ultimatepapermache.com) This woman does some amazing work and I really have been wanting to try her sculpting methods for a long time. I think I will fill in with this in between drawing and painting, while they dry. That way I am not in limbo while I wait.

I got all jazzed about making the clay Jonni uses. I had all the ingredients, so no money wasted if it didn't turn out, and it looked pretty easy to make. That being said, Murphy's Law cut in, as it always must. After burning out the motor on my hand-mixer (to be fair it WAS really old.) breaking a spoon and possibly relegating one of my glass bowls to the realm of crafts instead of food production forever, it wasn't too terribly hard to create... Mine looks a wee bit different than Jonni's does, perhaps because I had to mix it by hand after the mixer burned up, but I think it is totally useable. So now to decide what to create~~ She does everything! Animals, dragons, practical household items, ornaments, and more. Her pieces are so beautiful, she is an artist of great skill. A suggestion would be lovely if anyone wants to see something special (hint, hint!) The photos below don't look like much, but they represent a two day investment and a lot of anticipation! Wish me luck. I will post every day to show my progress.
A burned out hand-mixer, a broken spoon, and a glass bowl later, I have paper clay!

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