Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014/365 Day Art challenge, day 80 something, and still trying to do it! Yeah!

I like it when a day simply comes together, no bumps in the road. I got a flower today, a blushy pink carnation. It looks very pretty on the mantle. This house was sorely in need of some cheerfulness! I have to convince my cats it isn't to eat, though. There was an entire skein of brand new yard shredded this morning in the living room. Sigh, someone had ripped off the label, hugged it, and kicked and chewed it at the same time. You can tell by how it is dismembered that she had a wonderful time. Cats ~whatcha gonna do?

I also trimmed two (surprisingly good) deep noodle bowls today. That was stage two of creating pottery. Two of my other bowls were fired today as well, but they won't be ready for glazes until Thursday. There's one more left to trim on Thursday, then things will be caught up with what's been made so far. Class has been productive beyond any time previous, and the stuff looks far better than I had hoped it would, in spite of not being at a wheel for several months. I am so happy about that, Knock on wood!

Tonight I have a new drawing set up and taped to my drawing board, The pencils are sharpened, and I have a wonderful reference photo to work with. Exciting! But not tonight. It is late, so for now, good night dear friends, and thank you for stopping by!
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