Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Saturday!

This was one of those days when I did a lot and yet have nothing to show for it. It was detail work today: like sanding some pottery so it will take glazing better. Doing some test gauges for another project. Sharpening pencils. Stuff like that. So much of artwork is, well, Work! Like the ballet dancer who spends the day at practice bar, or a painter priming canvasses, or a photographer processing enlargements. It's all necessary, but often unglamorous~ another in a series of many steps to the finished glory. It does offer time to be meditative, though; allowing you to immerse yourself so completely in what you are doing that the rest of the world slips away and you become a part of it. I do some of my best thinking when in this state. Hours can slip by unnoticed.

I got to talk to my kids today, too, and that was far more interesting. I connect with them almost every day, though. Those ties are still very strong, and I suspect that it is me who gets more out of  the conversation than they do. Oh well. 

But here it is, late into the evening, the day is done. Time to settle into sleep. So goodnight!
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