Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, day ??? I dunno!

This is Tuesday, right? You wouldn't kid me, I just have to know...

 It is! Oh my good gravy, I was losing my mind!!! The last two weeks have been so crazy. They've been tearing things apart and re-building them all over this house, after it got hit with a heavy duty HUD inspection. It was in dire need of some TLC, though, and while all the issues weren't addressed, at least they are finished for now, so I can clean up at last, and get ready for the re-inspection (yech.) No offense to the handyman, but I really am glad I won't be seeing him again tomorrow... It was a lovely blustery spring day, and I snuck out and managed to get in a walk before things got started today, that was soo nice. Made the rest bearable.

There was also much accomplished in class today. All my work went into the kiln, (so exciting!) It should be done on Thursday, and I can gather it up and clean it up, and next week it can be glazed. I'm not sure how long things will take to get through the last firing, but there is more than enough work to keep me busy and happy until then. I threw a serving platter and trimmed one of my daughter's ramen bowls tonight,that was more good forward progress! Don't you love it when it all comes together!!!

Tomorrow is a day off of sorts, nothing is planned, which sounds heavenly. I hope your Wednesday is equally uneventful, or at least pleasant. So goodnight!
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