Sunday, April 20, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a lovely day today, even if it wasn't a holiday for you. I had a nice day, very quiet, but nice. I went to the beach today, and took some photos. I also gathered some little succulents from the beach wall for my collection. Then I worked in my garden, planting and transplanting and trimming. I boiled and colored a couple of eggs for fun, ate them for breakfast, and I made Colcannon for dinner, with a lemon pound cake with berries for Easter. No chocolates, sadly, but then I have them for another day! Tonight I watched a favorite TV show, and there is one more to catch up on, but it is recorded. Ah, the magic of DVR... 

So no art today, but lots that got done creatively. I planted some flowers today and lined the plate beneath it with egg shells in hopes it will protect the blossoms from snails, which are voracious here. Keep your fingers crossed! Goodnight!

So, do you think the eggshells will keep the snails away?

New succulents for the bottle garden, very exciting!

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