Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, April 22

I hope the world has been treating you kindly. I honestly don't know where the time goes sometimes! I've been taking care of a sick kitty, doing some prep work for a painting for my aunt, I am almost finished under-glazing and getting all my ornaments done for Thursday, and I've been cooking up a storm so when I go to visit my daughter later in the week I have lots of yummy food to take with me. Poor starving girl, she still hasn't got that cooking for herself down to an art yet. She will in time! I'm all too happy to have someone to cook for.

My marigold seems to be withstanding any affronts from the snails so far (knock on wood.) and it has been raining a lot, which is a good thing. Other than that, nothing much has been going on here! So I will make this short, and hope you have a very pleasant day tomorrow! Goodnight.
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