Tuesday, May 06, 2014

2014/365 Day Art Challenge, to Mondays and new beginnings.

Can you believe it is already May?! For as slowly as days may seem to pass sometimes, the years continually march forward at a quicker and quicker pace. Perhaps it is the fact that someone in my life has recently passed; and that their time here has stopped abruptly; that brings the whole notion of time into sharper perspective... But the rest of us go on, and for us it is Monday, a new month, and new week, and the possibilities for the changing of the seasons.

I started a new painting today for another aunt. I was going to start it last week. It is always exciting to lay down that initial layer of color. It says that you have committed to the plan and that a new creation is about to be . Professors told us you are supposed to lay down a neutral color, often a gray, but since I didn't have any mixed, I grabbed a blue and off I went. The first layer doesn't mean much, you will never see it in the finished piece, but it takes away the white of the canvas. The first layer of paint sticks to the gesso primer, and is a bit difficult to put on, but after that the paint layers flow on more freely, so you get smoother results. To me, the color says it is time to get serious.

So here's to Monday, to Spring and to New Beginnings! 

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