Monday, May 05, 2014

2014/365 Day Art challenge, I'm still here...

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. Not a lot going on here artistically, not anything interesting at any rate. How many times can I tell you that I've glazed this or that pot, and it is now just a matter of waiting? I wouldn't come back to read that, thank goodness you are kind enough to persevere! Thank you very much for your efforts!

No, not a lot has been going on here artistically, but there has a lot been going on. I've been to a couple of doctor's appointments, such a pain. And last, but certainly not best, is that one of my aunts died. We were close when I was young, and I loved her a lot. But she has been ill for a while now, and as sad as it is to say, I hope she is finally at peace. I will miss her! I tried to draw her today from some photos I pulled out the albums, but couldn't seem to get the dimensions down very well. They are rather blurry, and details are a precious commodity. I will try again soon. I also have to finish my other aunt's painting. It was sort of put on the back burner after everything that happened this past week, but I will get back to it this week coming up.

So, if you have loved ones close by, hug them tight and remember that things can change in a heartbeat. Tell them you love them, that can never be said too many times! Good night.
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