Friday, June 13, 2014

Mystery Revealed! and Art Challenge update

Well, it's official: the mystery seedlings that have been popping up everywhere are~~~  Ta Da! Cucumbers! And so there are two of them in the garden now, a very welcomed addition. I hope they make it, it seems rather cold here. But they are growing right along, and so I will keep my fingers crossed for their welfare.

I haven't been sitting idle these last couple of days. I was making a custom ordered piece. Something for a birthday present, but I am not allowed to show it here just yet. I have been informed that the person getting this is "very interested" and knows his way around a computer. There is a real possibility that he could work his way here and find it If photos were posted. So I won't. Not for now at least. But for anyone interested, it came out very well! You will be pleased.
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