Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Garden Update!

Today is about my garden, because I wanted folks to see the progress. I promised my son to show him! I thought I'd show it off here to entice folks to come read my blog, too....
 I have sprouts everywhere in the new box, along with a couple of mystery sprouts that I will have to let get a bit bigger so I can tell what they are. But almost everything is up now in that box. The potatoes and the pots of carrots and garlic are fine, and the herbs have been delicious from the two boxes. It is sooo nice to have them! But my big news in my hoop house. Everything is shooting up now that any transplant shock has settled down, and they are already producing fruits. The tomato is covered in little flowers, and the bells have three flowers on one and four on the other one. I topped the basil plants today, and had the most wonderful Pesto for dinner. The smell of that basil was intoxicating! Sooo good. If you can grow your own its so much better than the stuff at the store. If you have a local farmer, go get theirs. Fresh cannot be compared to store stuff, ever!

New box is sprouting nicely. Wonder what those two in the corner are?
Herbs are soo tasty!
Tomato is full of blossoms!
One end of hoop house, you can't see one of the celery plants behind plastic. Tall bell pepper has 4 flowers, the one in front has three. I can't wait for peppers!!!
Four blossoms forming here. This is an orange bell.

This basil was so delicious and the smell was like heaven!
This is a purple bell pepper with three flowers, can't wait to see what it looks like.
My first turnip!

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