Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday Fun Stuff!

Well, here is something to entice you to come see my blog, it is extremely addictive! Look in my Links for the Grow Cube game. I will do anything to get people to read this, huh!? Really, it is a lot of fun. Not that I have time to play games with the Math homework I have to do... Never trust a puppy, snot-nosed, fresh out of school, hot to prove himself professor to do anything even remotely doable for an old duck (like me)! I spend most of my time hitting my head on the wall, in between equations.
I submitted my scholarship application for the year. Something else to bang my head over!!! But it is done, and now all is left to do is hope that I did an effective job of "being creative" for money. Begging more like it.
Oh well, what ya gonna do?

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